Storage System

A software solution that manages the warehouse stock and the company’s work equipment. It helps maintain better control of access keys and simplifies the recurring processes in the daily use of keys and equipment. Through the addition of the app, it is now possible to reduce the time spent and the number of necessary steps required for the correct management of the company’s assets, improving efficiency.

Almacen - Mindia


A software solution designed to send push notifications to the employees’ mobiles. They now are able to keep up to date by receiving news related to the incorporation of new employees, new job openings, and other trendy industry-related news, as well as important information like schedule changes, protocol updates, and new, incorporated tools.

Online Menu

A software solution to display a restaurant’s menu and easily manage it. It allows you to change prices and products names in real time. Plus, the app comes with a shopping cart and Whatsapp integrations for direct communication with your customers.